A Clips-like Rule engine accessible from Java with the full power of Common Lisp


VISION – a near future-looking statement


JLisa is a powerful framework for building business rules accessible to Java and it is compatible with JSR94 V, the JavaTM Rule Engine API


JLisa is more powerful than Clips because it has the expanded benefit of having all the features from common lisp available.  These features are essential for multi-paradigm software development.


JLisa is based on ABL (armed bear Lisp) and Lisa.  Sourceforge projects.



Cool things you can do with it:

1)       Execute Clips-like Rules on Java objects

2)       Build Java agent systems that “reason”

3)       Build expert systems where Java objects participate

4)       Build GPS (general problem solvers) in Java

5)       Perform Business Rule validations

6)       Create and execute Decision Trees for Java objects

7)       Perform Logical Queries and Searches on Java objects

8)       Create Expert and Smart Wizards

9)     Etc..


"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict the future is to invent it."


- Alan Kay


JLisa = (J) ABL Lisp + Lisa > Clips || Jess

Project founder Mike Beedle 2003.

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